Matrix encapsulation

By means of a spray process, the spray solidification (spray cooling), we create matrix particles from 10 µm to 100 µm. The starting material, which could be liquids or finely ground powders, is either dissolved, emulsified or suspended in a molten substrate. We favor renewable raw materials such as various fats or waxes as substrates. By adding further additives into the molten mass, certain characteristics of the microspheres can be regulated, such as a controlled release of the active ingredients or a UV protection. After the mixing process the melt is sprayed into a cooled tower. The droplets quickly solidify in the cold airflow and microspheres emerge that are eventually separated from the airflow by a cyclone and are finally collected in containers.

With our spraying plants for batch operation or continuous production, we can provide quantities varying from 100 g up to several tons. The production of smallest quantities especially concerns research and development of new products, if only few grams of starting material can be provided but several particle batches are to be produced. Larger quantities in kilogram scale are available as toll manufacture.

Application areas and examples

Agricultural Chemistry: Agrolytix has expertise in the development of biological plant protection products of several years.

  • Encapsulated granuloviruses with a prolonged UV protection as a biological insecticide against the (apple) codling moth
  • Microencapsulation of copper salts (CuCaps) for the minimization of the application rate in organic farming
  • Microencapsulation of various organic substances as insecticides and fungicides
  • Encapsulation of insect pheromones for the mating disruption as a control of pest insects

Cosmetics Industry:

  • Microencapsulation of fragrances for creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels and bubble baths
  • Encapsulated pigments and detergents as additives in various washing agents and dishwashing detergents

Plant for spray solidification

spray solidification